Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a snowy New Year's Eve in Union Square

I never thought I'd start one of these but it seems like the best way to keep people updated en masse on my life. The name of the blog is czech for "more than air castles," air castles being a czech idiom comparable to english's "pipe dream."

So I made it out of New Orleans in one piece. I feel a few hundred pounds lighter. I'm in Bushwick right now, staying with my wonderful friends Andy and Jess. We'll be welcoming 2009 at some party tonight where Andy is DJing. We had a wonderful lunch of organic pasta and Kimchi tofu that we bought at a farmer's market in Union Square. And yes, it's snowing.

I'm finding that the cold weather (which is about on par with what I'll be dealing with in Prague) isn't so bad after all. My houndstooth coat is a more than adequate winter coat. I bought a cool old polish man hat and some gloves from a thrift store where you can haggle with an old jewish man.

I brought my Polaroid camera along and I'll do my best to get scanner access in the near future. Hopefully very soon I can start posting pictures of my adventures and any mixes that I make (I've already made a departure mix that served as my soundtrack the last few weeks, just need to figure out a cheap and easy way to post it).

I leave for Prague on Monday.