Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm moving back soon so no need for an in-depth update, but here's a quick list of things I've been up to the last few months, not in any particular order:

Hiked up the mountain where the germanic god of thunder was believed to have lived.

Visited Dresden and Berlin and walked through the Ishtar Gate with my mom.

Helped design and build the set for an adaptation of an HP Lovecraft story.

Been hosting a weekly karaoke night.

Built a series of escape pods.

Made some t-shirts based on zen koans.

Played a few shows and wrote a few songs with my wonderful friend Clem.

Celebrated Masopust by following in a parade, dancing, and drinking beer provided by the local gov't for free and indiscriminately on the streets.

Co-organized what I think was a truly bitchin 30th birthday party for said friend Clem.

Ate caviar and drank Chateau Margaux while sitting in the chair usually reserved for Vaclav Havel in the monastery adjoined to a 600 year-old church.

Went to a private music festival in a barn in the middle of nowhere in the czech hills.

Fell in love with an amazing woman.

Participated in this year's Zombie Walk as a tourist zombie.

Did a lot of dancing but still not enough.

Acted in a short student film.

Took part in a small panel discussion about American culture at a sci-fi fantasy convention.

Acted in a play about the dark ages and small-town vampirism.

Spent easter weekend in Cesky Krumlov.

Planned the next phase of my life.

And in between all of that, lots of teaching and having fun with great friends.

{cue dramatic strings}
It will surely be sad to leave Prague behind. It's a beautiful, laid-back, culturally rich city with a lot to offer. I've made some great friends here and hope dearly that I'll be able to keep those connections alive. Maybe I'll live here again some day, maybe just visit from time to time. But life's a wild ride and the world's a big big place and I've got to chase my happiness wherever it will lead me. {end strings}